Manufacturing in Alaska

In Alaska, steel tanks are manufactured with industrial robots to help maintain their integrity while also increasing precision, accuracy, and efficiency. The steel tanks depend on the robots to product a final product that holds up against drastic temperatures and harsh environments.

Manufacturing in Alaska


There are several jobs that don’t translate to the frigid temperatures of the Great White North – parasailing coach, beach volleyball instructor, swamp boat captain – but some of the more tradition jobs like manufacturing are going strong, even up in snowy Alaska. And what’s helping that manufacturing along even more? That’s right – robotic automation.

There are several industries in Alaska, but one important manufacturing niche that sticks out is the tank fabrication industry. Steel tanks are important all over the United States to hold water, sewage, and natural gas, among other substances. In our 49th state, these tanks have to be able to hold up against drastic temperatures, some that dip well below 0 degrees.

When steel fabrication businesses, like Greer Tank and Welding in Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK, want to find the right welding apparatus for a strong, high-quality weld, they should turn to a robotic welder to suit their needs. By choosing a steel welding robots for their applications, manufacturers are able to weld faster and get better quality products out to customers sooner.

Greer Tank and Welding also offers a waterjet service, which, once again, can be performed more efficiently by robots. When manufacturers invest in a robotic waterjet system, they are choosing a system that will use less water and recycle the water it does use so that it can be used again during the application. This makes the robotic waterjet system not only more affordable, but also more environmentally friendly.

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