Manufacturing or Replicating?

Industrial robots are seen throughout every industry and manufacturing application in the world today. Robots are accomplishing palletizing, packaging, cutting, and welding with incredible accuracy and consistency.

Manufacturing or Replicating?


Robots work in every facet of industrial manufacturing today. These manufacturing robots are assembling electronics, packaging food, cutting metal and welding cars.

So what happens when robots begin manufacturing other robots? While it may sound like a scene straight out of iRobot, I assure you, it is not.

Industrial manufacturing robots work on assembly lines constructing other items, including vehicles and electronics that are complex and have many interworking parts. If a robot can put together a television circuit board or a Volkswagen, then why not another industrial robot?

There are robotics companies that are using industrial robotics to build different parts of the robots they produce. Fanuc, a leader in the robotics industry, uses its industrial robots to build parts for other industrial robots the company produces.

Some see this as signs that manufacturing is moving away from actual manufacturing and into replication. However, these replicating ideas are currently only existent in the scientific testing phases.

For an industrial robot to be able to fully replicate itself, it would have to be able to gather all the raw materials necessary to make itself autonomously. These industrial robotic systems, no matter how artificially intelligent or complex, do not have these abilities.

Of course, it is possible that robot replication will become an industry in the future as the need for more and more industrial robot services become prevalent in society.

While RobotWorx does not have robots replicating robots in its facility, the company will customize and integrate an industrial robot system based on your exact specifications.

RobotWorx, an integrator of Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics, strives for excellence with its customers. Our highly skilled group of engineers, designers and salesmen will work to build you an industrial system that will leave you 100 percent satisfied.

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