Manufacturing Robots: Speedy, Accurate and on the Rise

Manufacturers are quickly realizing the benefits of integrating industrial robots onto their production lines. Industrial robots bring excellent repeatability, accuracy, precision, speeds, and consistency. They also bring lower labor and production costs while raising revenue.

Manufacturing Robots: Speedy, Accurate and on the Rise


Over the last thirty years, manufacturers have been making some changes in their factories and warehouses. Their new hires are tall, colorful and made of metal – industrial manufacturing robots.

Manufacturing robots are used in every facet of industry. They are used to weld planes, trains, and automobiles. They are used to package every kind of food available. They are also used to assemble electronics big and small.

Why are they becoming so prevalent in industry? The answer is simple – their shear speed and accuracy. The fast repeatability and pinpoint precision of manufacturing robotic systems are unable to be matched by human workers or even other manually operated machines. Their accuracy also decreases user errors, which improves the end product.

As populations grow, manufacturers have turned to robotic systems to improve their productivity. These robot manufacturers lower labor and production costs while raising revenue.

Along with their speed and accuracy, manufacturing robots are very flexible. These robots can use interchangeable end-of-arm-tooling to perform several different applications.

A robot that is used for packaging can also be used for material removal given the right tool. This versatility saves manufacturers even more money by cutting down on the amount of equipment needed to perform various applications.

Another advantage of robot manufacturing is the uptime performance. Robots do not need breaks, days off or vacations. They can work virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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