Manufacturing window frames with robotic welding

Window frame manufacturing can create very consistent and precise products when converted to automated welding production lines. Manufacturing window frames with an automated solution will create a high quality product and increase your overall throughput.

Manufacturing window frames with robotic welding


Robotic welding has many uses in industry, and it seems that the window frame manufacturing industry has started to take notice over the last few years.

In 2006, Widney LTD. in the United Kingdom started manufacturing aluminum window frames for off-road vehicles in one of their factories. With the installation of the Motoman ArcSystem 6000 welding cell, the frames were welded faster and had more uniformity. The cell was faster than other cells, and up to six times more productive than manual welders, giving welding robotics the edge in the facility.

Fast forward six years, and the German company, Metex, is also using robotic weld cells to automate their window and door welding applications. The company decided to switch to welding robotics because manual welding was highly dependent on the level of skill each individual welder had, and not all welders in the facility were at the same skill level, which caused quality differences.

By choosing robotic welding cells, productivity got a boost, and window frames became more uniform, with accurate robotic weld beads, creating a superior-quality product.

With the push to become automated, many companies are not sure where to go to get their welding robotic questions answered. For more information, contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881.