Maximize Machine Tending with Universal Robots

Machine tending production lines can be improved by integrating a Universal Robots automated solution. Universal Robots can bring greater consistency, productivity, and adaptability to production lines across the globe. They are incredibly easy to install, fast to program, and quick to deploy. Contact RobotWorx representatives today to get started with Universal Robots integration.

Maximize Machine Tending with Universal Robots

Manufacturing with Universal Robots

If your machine tending process is currently manually operated and lacking in consistency and productivity, then consider automating those repetitive and uneventful tasks with Universal Robots. Any current production line can be adapted very quickly and easily as UR’s robots are fast and incredibly flexible to program, install, and deploy. Furthermore, they will provide the opportunity for your workers to have time to conduct more valuable tasks and be relieved from the monotonous motions that often times cause injuries.

After the integration of UR robots, you will very quickly see your machine tending process gain improved speeds, process quality, and over safety environment.

These collaborative machine tending robots work right beside human operators with no safety guarding (after risk assessment). This can happen due to their patented technology that creates a safe environment for workers and reduces the risk of injury. There is also an option to program UR robots in a reduced mode that allows the robot to stop or operate at a reduced robot when a human enters the work space.

Additional benefits include the fact that Universal Robot’s collaborative robots can practically pay for themselves and more in an average of 195 days. Also, these robots can be reprogrammed quickly and used with a variety of machines. They are also perfect for small-volume productions or companies needing something that can quickly change workflows and operational set-ups. If necessary, there are also robot extensions available that can be customized to the specific needs of your production line.

Overall, the production capabilities using the UR machine tending robots will really bring a multitude of benefits to your production line. They couldn’t be easier to install, providing the benefit of automating almost any manual task, same day! Universal Robots provides every advantage of robotic automation with none of the traditional, added costs associated with robot programming set-up, and/or shielded work cells. You will quickly see increased product quality, consistency, lower operation costs, and overall production speeds.

Our representatives take pride in our top notch customer service and are looking forward to speaking with your about the integration of Universal robots on your production line. Contact them online today at 740-251-4312.

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