Medical Equipment and Jeep Parts in Broomfield, CO

Broomfield, CO has a few companies that can benefit from robotic technology such as Morton Bowen. When these type of companies depend on pinpoint precision, robots with vision and laser systems answer the call. This means that industrial robots can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks such as medical equipment and jeep parts.

Medical Equipment and Jeep Parts in Broomfield, CO


Broomfield, Colorado is a town of just under 60,000 residents with a strong economy that boomed in the 1990s due to the technology industry. Currently, there are several company headquarters in Broomfield, including Ball, Noodles & Company and Mrs. Fields. However, the economy is not all about canning and cooking these days. There is still a strong manufacturing contingent in Broomfield as well, and it could grow stronger with the help of robotics.

Morton Bowen, a leading supplier of precision components for the medical industry, took up shop in Broomfield, CO. This is one of many companies that could benefit from robotic technology. Companies like Morton Bowen, which have to have pinpoint precision for their products, would do well to use robotic cutting equipment as opposed to manual cutters. By using robotic vision and lasers for cutting of very small parts, manufacturers get a more accurate, even cut that improves the overall quality of the precision components. The medical industry is using robots in surgery these days, so why not use robots to make the surgery equipment?

Another company that works through Broomfield is Bestop, a maker of products for Jeep and other vehicles. They make soft tops, hard tops, console lock boxes, etc. for vehicles. This, again, is where robotic cutting, as well as robotic assembly and welding could come into play. Not only would cuts be more accurate, but assembly and welding time would decrease, which would allow for more products to be made each day. Improving on the manufacturers profits.

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