Metal stamping and more in Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield, Ohio is home to a large range of metal working companies that are seeing benefits of integrating industrial robots. Large businesses such as Shiloh Industries are not the only ones who are seeing the benefits; small businesses such as Fidelis are also able to incorporate them as technology is advancing and robotic systems are becoming more affordable.

Metal stamping and more in Mansfield, Ohio


In the heart of Richland County is Mansfield, Ohio, a town that is rich with industrial manufacturing big and small. There are several companies that choose to start their business in Mansfield because of the proximity to cities like Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland, without the higher cost of living found in those areas. Metal stamping and metal works industries, two areas ripe with robotic automation, are strong in Mansfield today.

As stated above, manufacturers large and small are based in Mansfield, OH. Companies big and small can also take advantage of robotic automation. For example, Fidelis Automation Inc. has only around 20 employees for their commercial machinery and parts business. However, smaller businesses can capitalize using robotics in their processes. For example, if a smaller company like Fidelis were to invest in a material handling robot that could work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they could cut down on downtime and ramp up production, helping the system to pay for itself within a year and raising company profits overall.

But it isn’t just smaller metal working companies that can benefit from automation. Larger businesses like Shiloh Industries has over 500 employees, but they too could take advantage of automation to improve their processes. When a metal stamping company like Shiloh invests in robotics, they are able to enhance the speed of their overall production by using robots to load and unload parts as well as tend the stamping and other press machines, which minimizes on worker error and improves the overall product.

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