Metalworks and Welding in Evansville, Indiana

Nov 4, 2013

​Evansville, Indiana understands that metalworking can be better accomplished with the use of industrial robots. Industrial robots help to increase the safety environment for human workers by decreasing the hazards they are exposed to. The integration of automation systems also improve the productivity of the workplace and consistently produce top quality products.


Evans­ville, Indi­ana became a mec­ca of indus­try in the 1930s when an Ohio Riv­er port was opened there. The port remains today and has a long his­to­ry as the point of trans­port for large amounts of met­al works includ­ing steel plates, iron and steel coils. It would fol­low that the com­mu­ni­ty of Evans­ville would also attract met­al work­ing indus­tries to its shores. Many of those met­al work­ing com­pa­nies are using new tech­nol­o­gy to get their parts up and out of the facil­i­ty and to the port for transport.

With a name like Auto­mat­ed Weld­ing Ser­vices Inc., it is like­ly that this com­pa­ny, locat­ed in Evans­ville, IN, uses robots in their every­day weld­ing appli­ca­tions. This com­pa­ny, and oth­er com­pa­nies like it, use robot­ic welders for their ser­vices because one robot welder can do the job of four human welders, which saves on cost. The robot­ic weld­ing sys­tems are also able to run with­out a lot of down­time, which means they don’t need breaks, lunch­es, days off or vaca­tions. When you min­i­mize the down­time, you max­i­mize the productivity.

Anoth­er Evans­ville com­pa­ny, Cre­ative Crafts­men Inc., spe­cial­izes in cus­tom met­al fab­ri­ca­tion. Com­pa­nies that deal in met­al fab­ri­ca­tion, plas­tics machin­ing and ure­thane mold­ing, can always ben­e­fit from robot­ics automa­tion. As men­tioned above, robot sys­tems can be used for weld­ing pur­pos­es, but they can also be used to cut met­al objects in a stead­ier, more effi­cient man­ner. When it comes to plas­tics, robots can be used for fin­ish­ing process­es like paint­ing and coat­ing, as well as removal process­es like debur­ring. All of these appli­ca­tions add to the aes­thet­ics of the piece, which improves the quality.

When com­pa­nies in Evans­ville, Indi­ana need parts and robot­ic sys­tems, they need to look no fur­ther than Robots​.com in Mar­i­on, Ohio. Robots​.com pro­vides solu­tions from Fanuc, Motoman, Uni­ver­sal Robots, ABB and KUKA robot­ics. Because of these part­ner­ships, Robots​.com is able to pro­vide cus­tomers with top qual­i­ty robots for the best prices available.

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