Modular Robots in the Electronics Industry

Modular robots are able to more easily adapt on different product lines. As the product size or group size changes, modular robots can keep up with the pace and adapt.

Modular Robots in the Electronics Industry


Like any manufacturer, those in the electronics industry do what they can to adapt to the ever-changing technology in their field. That means automating many of their applications, and including modular robots in that automation.

As product lines change, so do the needs of the lines that produce them. By modularizing robots and other equipment, electronics manufacturers give their lines more flexibility. This flexibility gives the modular robot a longer lifetime with the manufacturer it serves, along with the ability to continue to improve productivity, despite its place in the plant.

By consistently using modularization for robots, the machines are able to adapt easier to the varying degrees of different product lines that may have different product sizes, group sizes and different cycle times and throughput. Technology changes at a lightning pace, and these robots need to be able to adapt to those changes.

Also, by using modular robots, manufacturers are able to work a leaner production line, while improving their automated testing processes for their electrical components, including equipment tests, and add capacity for the product line to meet the demand of the consumers.

When the electronics industry, as well as other industries with high product turnover, are able to install super flexible modular robot systems, this will result in an improvement in hardware, software and the interaction of the robots, further improving the integrity and the productivity of the production process.

RobotWorx, provides robots from Fanuc, Motoman and KUKA and has several modular robots available for your manufacturing needs. Our staff will sit down with you and design a layout that fits perfectly for your company’s facility and application.

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