Motoman MotoFit

Motoman created Motofit to help combat issues or errors that occur when an external force is applied to a robotic system. Motofit is a six-axis, high-speed force sensing package that will increase your high precision application's productivity. The software will alter the robot's position based on the force that is encountered, helping to cut down on snags and decrease overall downtime.

Motoman MotoFit


Are you looking for a reliable force control assembly or sanding tool for your Motoman robot? Then you should check out the new MotoFit from Motoman Robotics.

Typically, without MotoFit, a robot will be ready for positional control, then move even when external force are applied as long as they do not exceed limits that would cause an errors.

MotoFit was created to help combat issues and errors; It is a six-axis, high-speed, force sensing package to help increase productivity for high-precision applications. The Force Control software alters the robot’s position based on the force encountered to align or assemble the parts. This gives the robot the ability to move and retain its position, even when external forces are applied, which improves the overall accuracy of the assembly process. By using this type of sensing package, manufacturers are able to cut down on snags and increase hole position detection, which increases the reliability of the robot during the application process.

The force sensor can detect three translational forces and three axial moments. Touching, fitting, and inserting are all combined to provide automatic precision fits of mating surfaces, at a fast pace. This helps improve applications such as drive train components, seat, electronics or battery assembly, and non-destructive testing.

Along with improved reliability, the MotoFit by Motoman Robotics also has the advantage of being user-friendly. Instead of having to worry about shutting down the production line for an extended period of time to train an operator, force sensing control parameters can be taught to operators quickly, even if those operators do not have unique skills in this area. That means that training shutdown time is at a minimum and production uptime is increased, which is great for manufacturers and their profit margins.

Included in the MotoFit package is a six-axis sensor, high-speed communication board, power supply box, robot mounting flange adapter and Engineering Support Tool (EST) software. There is a PC application used for sensor setup and job creation, allowing jobs to be edited as needed.

It is easy to see why MotoFit is ideal for the precise assembly of parts, including drive trains, seats, electronics, batteries and even non-destructive testing products. Inquire today to learn which robots are offered with MotoFit. The controllers best compatible with the program are the DX200 and FS100.

Are you interested in learning more about the MotoFit force control assembly tool from Motoman? Then you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics. Our staff will work with you to help you decide on the perfect robot model and all the features and tooling necessary to ensure you will get increased productivity with the system.

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