Motoman's Kinetiq Teaching Program

Motoman's Kinetiq is a teaching add-on from Robotiq that enables a greater amount of people to program a welding robot. Kinetiq Teaching is a very simple programming strategy to help decrease the amount of time it takes to set up a robot system. The programmer can simply manually place the robot arm at different angles and locations while the robot records the movements.

Motoman's Kinetiq Teaching Program


One of the newest add-on features for Motoman Robots is the Kinetiq teaching add-on from Robotiq. This is a feature that will enable many more people to program a welding robot, aside from a trained robotic programmer.

Kinetiq Teaching is a simpler programming strategy that will reduce set up times by allowing the programmer to manually place the robot arm at different angles and locations, according to the Motoman website. This program will allow for easier robotic welding implementation and gives companies a faster return on investment.

Basically, the welder teaches the robot to move by demonstration. The welder uses their hand to guide the robot in any direction needed during the welding application. The Kinetiq makes it easy to record these welding trajectories, despite the welder’s knowledge of programming. By using hand-guided positioning, there are fewer crashes and a reduction in the time it takes to program the robot, the website stated. The robot also records the force, direction and speed at which the hand moves it during programming.

The Kinetiq teaching screens on the teach pendant have graphic color touch screen displays, along with icons to program the tasks and varying motion response and speeds available for course positioning.

This integrated add-on solution is available on the Motoman ArcWorld C work cell, the ArcWorld II work cell using the MA1400, and is also available to work with a variety of power sources and torches from companies like Lincoln Electric, Fronius, Miller, Tregaskiss and Binzel.

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