New Motoman Controller up to 4 times faster

Motoman has created very successful and easy to use controllers for years; some of the more popular ones are the NX100, the DX100, and the FS100 controllers. These controllers are well-rounded and offer users the ability to choose from a variety of options including a compact controller, a high performance controller, and a multi-robot controller.

New Motoman Controller up to 4 times faster

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, a leader in the robotic industry, has been producing robot controllers for years. The current models are the NX100, the DX100 and the FS100.

While the DX100 is called “dynamic,” and the NX100 controller is the said to able to control up to four robots, the Motoman FS100 controller is touted as a higher performance, compact controller.

Motoman NX100 Robot Controller

This controller is engineered to be a smaller, space-saving model designed to be used with packaging and small part handling robots. With this improved functionality, and increased communication speeds, the FS100 is 2-4 times faster than the previous DX100 model.

The open-design of the FS100 controller allows for user-friendly interface and easier programming. This open architecture also provides a wide range of software capabilities, which makes software customization for the controller a breeze.

This powerful controller can be used with over 14 Motoman robotic arm models. Since the communication speed is increased, it can control 8 robot axes at once.

Even though the FS100 robotic controller is a new design, the programming interface between it and the DX100 is consistent. Both systems use the same teach pendant, which cuts down on the amount of training current Motoman customers will have provide for their workers to understand the new controllers.

RobotWorx will match our customers up with the right controller, teach pendant and robot for their unique material handling, welding, and material removal needs. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will help you layout and design a system that meets your exact specifications.

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