New Motoman Robot Geared toward Specimen Processing

Motoman is bringing innovations time and again to the production line, as seen with the AutoSorter 1200. AutoSorter is accurate, fast, and has a lean footprint. It helps labs around the world with pre and post analytic specimen processing; with the ability to process up to 1,200 tubes per hour.

New Motoman Robot Geared toward Specimen Processing


Meet the AutoSorter 1200. Motoman has once again stepped up with a robotic offering that not only is accurate and fast, but also has a leaner footprint. This new robot will help labs around the world with pre- and post-analytic specimen processing.

The Motoman AutoSorter is reliable and speedy. It can process up to 1,200 tubes per hour. This medical robot is also a space saver. Since every maintenance spot is located in the front of the AutoSorter, it can be positioned against a wall or next to other instruments, according to a press release from Motoman.

As with several of the lab-specific Motoman robot models, the AutoSorter can be programmed to do many applications – sorting, thawing, mixing, decapping and recapping and even archive storage applications. This model also permits the use of a wide variety of specimen tubes, the article stated.

The AutoSorter is also available in a bulk model – the AutoSorter 2000SBB. This model provides maximum specimen throughput and can process up to 2000 tubes an hour.

These robots not only speed up pre and post analytic specimen processing, but they also minimize on errors by decreasing the amount each tube or vial is manually handled.

The AutoSorter is just one of the newest innovations from Motoman Robotics. RobotWorx has several models available for customization and purchase. These models can do everything from weld to handle material to remove material. Like the AutoSorter, they can also perform tasks like sorting, pick and place, packaging, order picking, etc.

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