Newest FlexPainter Robot Increases Acceleration

The IRB 5500 FlexPainter helps to add acceleration and painting speed to your production line. The FlexPainter robots are lightweight, compact, and able to add versatility with different color change valves, 2K mixers, and paint regulators and pumps. A high finish quality is guaranteed with the integration of a FlexPainter on your line.

Newest FlexPainter Robot Increases Acceleration


One of the first questions a new car owner is asked is, “What color did you choose?” The exterior surface of a car must be painted, and paint robots complete this task efficiently and effectively. The latest generation IRB 5500 FlexPainter robot boasts high acceleration and painting speed with the paint application equipment actually integrated. These components are lightweight and compact, and include color change valves, 2K mixers, air and paint regulators and pumps.

32 colors are integrated into the FlexPainter, and solutions for both solvent- and water-borne paint are possible. Fewer robots are needed in a spray booth due to the high flow RB1000 atomizer’s ability for high acceleration. A high finish quality is guaranteed.

The FlexPainter ensures cost savings since the vital paint regulation equipment can be as close as 15 cm from the wrist, reducing paint and solvent waste. The IPS system also integrated the push-out function and no programming is necessary.

A unique configuration of the FlexPainter allows a flexible working envelope. It is wall-mounted and in combination with another FlexPainter, can handle jobs that used to require four robots. IRC5P is the paint robot control system with IPS, FlexPaint Pendant, and RobView 5, the customizable PC software.

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