One Stop Shop for KUKA Robot Controllers

The experts at RobotWorx take pride in the new and used robots, robot systems, and controllers they have to offer their customers. They have a wide range of robots and controllers from KUKA robotics, a leader in the industry. If you are interested in integrating a KUKA system today, contact RobotWorx representatives.

One Stop Shop for KUKA Robot Controllers

KRC4 KUKA Controller

RobotWorx offers a wide variety of new and refurbished KUKA controllers. We are a certified integrator for KUKA robotics and can answer all of the questions you may have. Take a look below at all of the options we offer!


Description: Bringing you a compact, stack-able cabinet, the KUKA KR C1 offers great space savings on your production line! This controller has an integrated oscilloscope function for robot diagnosis that offers a master/slave operation of robots and remote diagnosis to be monitored over the internet. The KR C1 is DeviceNet and Ethernet standard and offers a motion profile function for optimum response between robot motors and their velocity. Below, you will see there are additional KUKA controllers that offer even more safety and intelligence, such as the KUKA KR C4 and the KUKA KR C4 Compact.


Description: If you are looking for a low maintenance system, then you may want to consider the KUKA KR C2 controller. This has a modular design to enable customized hardware and software options and proven service technology. The KR C2 can work with a wide robot payload range and offers the ability for a number of robots to work together. Additionally, there is a plug-and-play functionality that enables rapid start-up. You may also want to consider even safer and more intelligent controllers available, such as the KUKA KR C4 and the KUKA KR C4 Compact.

KUKA KR C2 sr Controller

Description: The KUKA KR C2 sr is another compact, high-quality controller that offers high performance and reliability. The KR C2 sr has service-proven drive technology and standard PC components with a stainless steel housing, 19" format with connections routed to the front to help with maximum flexibility and ease of use. There are three free PCI slots to enable PC plug-in cards for small robots, a 100-Mbit Ethernet controller, and DeviceNet master, to ensure reliable system integration. The KCP, KUKA Control Panel, is a full graphics color display that used to communicate with the KR C2 sr controller. The KUKA KR C4 and the KUKA KR C4 Compact are also available as even safer and more intelligent controller options.


Description: The 31 kg KUKA KR C3 cabinet privdes the same drive technology in a smaller format. The KR C3 offers technology-oriented application programming and is IP20 rated. It is powered by an Intel Celeron processor. It uses technology-oriented application programming to interact with KUKA robots and operates with the KCP hand-programming unit. This controller provides the standard DeviceNet and CAN with an optional INTERBUS feature available. The KUKA KR C4 and the KUKA KR C4 Compact controllers are the updated and most intelligent controllers currently available by KUKA.


Description: Bringing you a safer, more flexible controller, the KUKA KR C4 offers increased power and intelligence than ever seen before. KUKA has created a controller that offers powerful data standards with its newly developed, ground-breaking, clearly-structured architecture. Furthermore, the maintenance, integration, and servicing of the KR C4 helps to offer flawless functionality. There is a joint database and infrastructure seen with the coordination of SafetyControl, RobotControl, and MotionControl to LogicControl to all use and share intelligently. The compact KUKA smartPAD includes keys and a large touch screen display that enables the opertors to interact with the C4 control system. There is a 6D mouse and on board USB port provide new ways to interact with a teach pendant.

KUKA KR C4 Compact Controller

Description: Offering the same intelligence in a smaller, quieter, and lighter version, the KUKA KR C4 Compact controller provides easy control over the entire system. It provides all of the functionality and high-performance of the KR C4 while also providing space savings options. Furthermore, the reduction of the hardware components, cables, connectors, etc. have been replaced with more software-based solutions, further reducing the need for space. Other important features of the KR C4 controller include effortless control, open architecture to improve versatility with KUKA robots and external axes, as well as speaking CNC and PLC. The KR C4 compact also offers energy savings. It will be paired with the KUKA smartPAD.

KUKA Sunrise Cabinet

Description: Providing customers with a robust, yet light-weight design, the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet is known as the controller of the future, offering power, safety, versatility, and intelligence. The Sunrise Cabinet offers great flexibility offering the options of being installed as a 19" rack or as a stand-alone device. Additionally, the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet provides integrated sensor processing and the replacement of hardware solutions with software-based solutions to help offer a low maintenance solution. The tough and capable KUKA smartPAD enables a simple, user interface. The KUKA Sunrise cabinet is the perfect example of the controller of the future.

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