Painting a vehicle with Fanuc robots

Fanuc robots has a wide range of robots available to successfully paint automobiles. Fanuc robots can paint, prime, and seal a car body in a very quick fashion with incredible accuracy.

Painting a vehicle with Fanuc robots


The automotive industry has used painting robots to paint vehicles for several years. Now, with the use of Fanuc robots, manufacturers in the automotive industry can paint, prime and seal a car body in record time.

According to Fanuc, the process of painting a vehicle begins with a Fanuc robot, which is mounted to multiple rails, applying primer to the body that is color specific. One way the robot saves time during vehicle painting is by being able to perform a color change for each vehicle being painted, if necessary, ensuring each paint coat is consistent with the manufacturer’s quality standards.

The paint booths for automated vehicle painting is set up with downdraft ventilation to keep the air clean and clear of dust and debris. This is important to the quality and integrity of the vehicle’s paint job. If the air is full of debris, the debris can stick in the paint job, making imperfections on its finish.

Once the robot applies the primer during the vehicle painting process, the car moves to getting a base coat, where robots ensure that the entire car is coated, including the car’s interior panels. After that is a clear coat applied to the car’s body interior and exterior to give the vehicle paint job a smooth and protective design.

With the use of Fanuc painting models, the vehicle is painted with at the highest quality while cutting the costs to the consumer as much as possible.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc robotics, has several robots for vehicle painting available for customization and purchase. RobotWorx’ dedicated staff is willing to work with customers to ensure they get the best robotic vehicle painting system for their money.

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