Palletizing Products? Perfect Robot Software Solutions

The major industrial robot companies such as Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, and ABB are all developing robotic palletizing software solutions. These automated software solutions will offer you great efficiency and production consistency.

Palletizing Products? Perfect Robot Software Solutions


Want to make palletizing a painless process pronto? The need for speed and efficiency is crucial in palletizing operations. When searching for that perfect palletizing software, there is a plethora of options.

KUKA offers PalletLayout and PalletPro palletizing software, which both provide solutions for planning a palletizing cell, as well as programming and controlling it. The software uses simple offline programming with up to thirty palletizing and conveyor stations. The programs can then be configured for up to fifteen different robotic cells.

Fanuc’s PalletPRO is also offline simulation software. It uses a process navigator, cell browser, run panel, and production data for simulation. Its users develop palletizing applications in a 3D simulation environment.

Motoman’s software is entitled the EasyPallet Pendant Palletizing Software, and programs are generated automatically in as little as one – three menu choices. The user makes his selections on the robot teach pendant, and this can be done in five minutes or less. EasyPallet boasts over 200 formatted palletizing patterns, which do not correlate with box sizes. Any box and pallet size can be used, and the pattern will automatically adjust. This software is highly compatible with XML databases.

Robot Studio Palletizing PowerPac Software from ABB designs tested simulations in minutes. Real robot system programs are created without the hassle of a lengthy programming time, since the robots are configured rather than programmed. Even inexperienced programmers can develop simulations of systems actually running in real time.

Columbia Okura designed OXPA, which has detailed graphics and easy navigation tools. These tools provide quick access to fifty standard product patterns that are built into the program. These standard patterns make the programming task simple for novices, but if the user needs to add new patterns, he can do so with the Do-It-Yourself palletizing software, even while the robot is running.

Newtec took a modular approach with PalDesigner. There are three different versions of the software, depending on experience level of the user. PalDesigner links base modules and uses prior operation simulation for authentication.

Nachi Palletizing Software is simple and effective. The user will program a start point and the dimensions of a part/product, and the software will automatically produce a robot program. Depending on how the products need to be palletized, the user can choose between the Simple and Highly Effective options.

Time is of the essence when palletizing, and these software options provide quick, efficient palletizing programs and processes. RobotWorx is capable of integrating palletizing robot software into your industrial robot. Contact us today for more information at 877-762-6881.