Palletizing Robot Software: The brains that control the brawn

Robotic software for palletizing applications enables the ability to watch the automated process and make tweaks to optimize production. Overall this will save a company time, money, and effort on their automation systems.

Palletizing Robot Software: The brains that control the brawn


While the model, gripper and mounting options on a robot are important, it is really the software, the brains, of the robot that make everything work. Palletizing robot software developments help meet the increasing demand of robots on a mass scale.

Palletizing robot software controls everything the robot does during an application. It controls when the robot picks up a load to palletize, how it moves, where it drops the load, etc.

Fanuc, one of the leading palletizing robot manufacturers in the industry, has iRvision software that can optimize palletizing applications. This vision software can load mixed case load patterns from random items and then configure them on a shipping pallet.

iRvision software also comes in handy when de-palletizing at a product’s destination. Loads tend to shift during transport, and with the cameras available in iRvision, the robot can “see” the products, search out the changes in the load and de-palletize the load.

Motoman, another leading palletizing robot company, features EasyPallet Pendant software that helps to create full-featured palletizing programs that are user-friendly, even for those workers who are inexperienced in the field of robotics.

This teach pendant user interface can perform several tasks like creating new boxes, changing tools, adding and subtracting layers, changing boxes on each layer and changing layer patterns. The software makes palletizing robot systems quicker and easier to use than ever before.

RobotWorx can help customers integrate robots and workcell systems for palletizing utilizing these top-of-the-line software options. Our engineers will work with you to find the perfect system to meet your exact application specifications.

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