Palletizing with the ABB IRB 460

To further enhance your palletizing solution, consider the ABB IRB 460 robot. The IRB 460 is the perfect solution for your palletizing needs as it has a smaller footprint yet can still handle up to a 60 kg payload. the 4-axis IRB 460 robot can complete around 2200 cycles per hour, making it 15% faster than other robots in its class.

Palletizing with the ABB IRB 460


If you are in the market for a fast palletizing robot, you may want to check out the IRB 460 from ABB Robotics. The ABB IRB 460 is a compact palletizing robot that is perfectly suited for any of your end-of-line palletizing needs. The IRB 460 has a smaller footprint than many other palletizing robots in its class, which makes it an easy addition to any packaging line.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What are some of the advantages of the IRB 460?” or “What sets it apart from the other palletizing robots on the market?” Those are great questions! The ABB IRB 460 is the fastest palletizing robot in the world, according to ABB. This 4-axis palletizer is able to achieve almost 2200 cycles per hour when it is at a 60kg payload capacity – over 15 percent faster than its closest rival on the market today.

The speed alone isn’t enough to sell you? Okay, how about the highly-precise ABB motion control software that can be used with the ABB 460? This QuickMove and TrueMove software allows the robot to handle the most delicate of products, while also giving it the ability to palletize in a precise fashion, which cuts down on shifting and other movements during load transport. And, because of the high accuracy of the ABB IRB 460, all of this can be done without increasing cycle times.

Are you interested in learning more about the IRB 460 from ABB Robotics? Then you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB. Our staff will work with you on every step of the purchasing process, from the initial consultation to integration of the robot system into your facility.

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