Pick and Place Robots in the Food Industry

Aug 12, 2014

Pick and place robots help enhance the food industry production line. Pick and place automation systems can take over the dull and tedious tasks that human workers have done for years, also helping to decrease the amount of injuries in the work place. A pick and place robot can pick up an item and precisely place it each time, producing a very consistent product.


The pick and place appli­ca­tion has been around for as long as fac­to­ries and con­vey­or sys­tems. This move­ment of prod­ucts from one place to anoth­er was tedious and dull for human work­ers, and could also cause injuries due to repet­i­tive move­ments. Then, pick and place robots came along to save the day. Sev­er­al indus­tries began automat­ing their pick and place appli­ca­tions with robots, espe­cial­ly the food indus­try, where speed was a must.

The demand for food has nev­er been high­er than it is in the world today. That is why pick and place robot­ic sys­tems are key parts of many food pro­duc­tion lines. A robot can pick up an item and place it pre­cise­ly each time, repeat­ing this process sev­er­al times faster than any of its human coun­ter­parts. This means that food can be processed, pack­aged and shipped out to the con­sumer faster, improv­ing the amount of time it has before it spoils.

Along with the increase in speed, the use of robot­ic pick and place sys­tems also improves the qual­i­ty of the prod­ucts and improves the safe­ty of the work­ers and the cus­tomers. Many pick and place robots use vision sys­tems to ensure that they are pick­ing up the right items and plac­ing them in the cor­rect places. This means that any work­er error that may place the wrong food item in the wrong place is cut down to prac­ti­cal­ly zero, keep­ing the cus­tomers safe from pos­si­ble food con­flicts and erro­neous pack­ag­ing. How­ev­er, because of the con­stant repet­i­tive move­ments nec­es­sary for the pick and place appli­ca­tion, it also ensures that work­ers are not sus­cep­ti­ble to arm, neck and back injuries that could slow down pro­duc­tion, or halt it completely.

All in all, the use of robot­ics for the pick and place appli­ca­tion ensures that the man­u­fac­tur­ers save time and mon­ey while the con­sumers get a good prod­uct quickly.

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