Plugging It In with Controller Boards

A robot controller helps to program and run the robotic system. Without a controller, the robot would have now way to perform the necessary complex applications. The controller has a wide range of controller boards that are inside the robot controller, helping connect all of the wires and plugs within.

Plugging It In with Controller Boards


A robot controller is the brain of the entire robotic system. Without it, a robot would have no way of knowing the programming it needed to perform its complex applications. Controller boards are found inside the robot controller, and they are the place where the magic starts – where all of the wires and cables plug into the controller. Those wires and cables are the information highway from the controller to the robotic arm.

There are many different types of controller boards, but in today’s USB market, many of them have USB ports that allow for easy plug-in and unplugging for replacement or repair. Each controller board can control a variety of items. For example, one robotic controller board may power as many as 16 servo motor systems – the systems that help the robot to move and function properly. All of those motors can be controlled by one small board in the controller.

One of the best things about controller boards is their ease of use. As mentioned above, it is an easier interface because wires can be plugged in to a USB port, something that is common in several different electronic devices today. This makes training operators and technicians easier because the devices are more common and have an easier interface. A controller board is also usually well-labeled, so there is little second guessing as to what goes where.

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