Powerful but Tidy – ABB Cleanroom Robots

Cleanroom robots are the perfect solution industries that require immaculate and tidy performance standards. For industries such as pharmaceutical and electronics, it is very important for these robots to keep the dirt and grime release at a very minimum. ABB has a wide range of cleanroom robots available, such as the IRB 140.

Powerful but Tidy – ABB Cleanroom Robots


Cleanroom robots are some of the most important robots in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries. It is imperative in these environments that robots have a special coating and parts that do not release dirt and grime into the room. ABB has produced a series of cleanroom robots that will not release too many particles into the air, while also working fast and accurately to get the job done.

An ABB cleanroom robotic system can be compact, but still be powerful at the same time. For example, though the IRB 140 is a smaller robot, it can still handle a payload of 6kg, which is perfect when working with the small parts of the industries mentioned above. It is important for robots in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries to be cleanroom certified, like those from ABB, because even the smallest bit of dust or grime could corrupt an electronic device or contaminate medication.

ABB cleanroom robots also keep contaminates out of the area in another way – they never have to leave their cleanroom. While humans can wear protective gear in a cleanroom while working, they are still bringing in contaminates from the outside world every time they enter or re-enter the room. That is not an issue with ABB cleanroom robotics. Once they are integrated, they never have to leave the room again, unless you are ready to upgrade, which makes them less likely to contaminate products.

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