Precision and speed in Grand Rapids, MI

Industrial robots bring speed and precision to automation companies across the world. In Grand Rapids, MI, robots are increasing their presence and helping the companies bring quick and precise results.

Precision and speed in Grand Rapids, MI


Robotic automation has been steadily on the rise in the manufacturing industry for over two decades, especially in manufacturing meccas like Michigan. Steel and other machining industries in Grand Rapids, Michigan depend on robots to perform in a quick and precise manner to improve company production and profits.

Dennen Steel Corporation, a Grand Rapids company that has been around for more than 60 years, is the kind of company that could rely heavily on the use of robotic automation for its basic day to day applications. Whether the company needs to cut steel or have it welded together for parts, robots can perform the tasks at a higher rate of speed and with less errors than their human counterparts.

Another Michigan company based in Grand Rapids, Gill Industries, is in the metal stamping and fabrication business. Robots can help these metal working companies by using pinpoint, and sometimes laser guided, precision cutting to make sure parts are uniform. By integrating robots into these fabrication facilities, manufacturers gain improved finishing techniques through robotic polishing and deburring.

When it comes to machine parts, accuracy is everything. One small imperfection on a coil could cause it to snap, ruining the entire machine. That is where companies like Wolverine Coil Spring in Grand Rapids comes into play. By using robotics to form the springs, the precise size, shape and flexibility of the coil is formed, with a significant drop in worker error.

Overall, in the Michigan metal works industry, robots are invaluable to the manufacturers.

So, where do Michigan manufacturers turn when they need robotic parts and services? They turn to companies like RobotWorx, of course! RobotWorx is a certified robotic integrator for leading companies like Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics. RobotWorx has a highly trained staff that works with clients to design the best possible robotic system for their money. The staff also works hard to find customers the parts they need to keep their robot systems maintained year after year.

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