Protecting robotic wires to reduce costs

Industrial robots have a variety of wires that helps the operation and communication of their arm. If the wires are properly maintained and protected, than a manufacturer can expect to have reduced wire costs. Moltec partnered with an electrical team to ensure they had the proper protection for their robotic system wires.

Protecting robotic wires to reduce costs


Industries all over the world use robotics for automating some of their most important applications, like assembly, welding, palletizing, and different kinds of material removal. All of these robots have wires that run along the robot’s body from the end-of-arm-tooling and all the way to the base and are bundled over to the controller.

These robot wires, when exposed, can be subject to wear and tear from robotic movement, as well as from other elements in the shop like the temperature and chemicals used during different processes. An automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) thought about this, and decided they needed a way to protect their robotic wires for their systems and workcells.

Usually, robotic wiring protection is an afterthought when designing these systems, according to Robotics Tomorrow, so many industries use off the shelf plastic hosing and such to do the job. However, this automotive company decided to partner with Moltec International. Moltec partnered with the company’s electrical team to ensure they had the proper protection for their robotic system wires.

Moltec fitted all the wiring and cables with swivels at the joints to protect the wires during robotic movement. By installing these robotic wiring mechanisms, the life cycle of the entire robot was elongated. The robot wiring covering also saved the automotive company money in the long run because wires didn’t have to be replaced as often, and it cut down on the company’s downtime to replace the wires.

Overall, the company realized that it is best to protect robotic wiring first, instead of making it an afterthought.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for several industrial robotic companies like Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, is always looking for the best ways to extend the life of the robotic systems and workcells. RobotWorx will make sure your system has the best protections in place to make sure you get the best robot and wiring that money can buy.

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