Resisting the Heat with Thermal Spray Robotics

​Thermal spray has been around for over a century and has helped NASA help protect their space vehicles. It did not take long for manufacturers to realize that robotic thermal sprayers were incredibly efficient. Thermal Spray robotics have helped to increase the accuracy and reduce the waste for this process.

Resisting the Heat with Thermal Spray Robotics


Thermal spray is a process that has been around since the 1900s, and started to gain ground when NASA needed to figure out a way to protect their space vehicles when reentering the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists found the process of coating the craft with high temperature metals or ceramics made the vehicle more heat resistant during the reentry process. As the new industrial revolution brought robotics to the forefront of manufacturing, manufacturers realized that robotic thermal spray was a more efficient coating process, and began to automate this important application.

Thermal spray robots do not only work for NASA though. The thermal spray robotic process can be applied to many products that need to be protected from corrosion and can benefit from being heat resistant. The aerospace industry as a whole uses the thermal spray process for many of their vehicles, and the ability to automate that process with robots has saved time and money.

According to an article by ABB Robotics, before robotic thermal spray came on the scene, the process was labor intensive. Once the demand for thermal spray products began to increase, it was only natural that robots began to take over to speed up the process and keep up with the demand. Because of the high temperatures and the risk to the operator, automating with robotic thermal spray systems is also a way for manufacturers to improve the safety of their process.

Overall, thermal spray robots are a win-win for the aerospace industry. They provide a consistent, efficient way to coat their vehicles in a way that improves safety and also saves money for the company.

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