Resisting the Heat with Thermal Spray Robotics

Aug 12, 2014

​Thermal spray has been around for over a century and has helped NASA help protect their space vehicles. It did not take long for manufacturers to realize that robotic thermal sprayers were incredibly efficient. Thermal Spray robotics have helped to increase the accuracy and reduce the waste for this process.


Ther­mal spray is a process that has been around since the 1900s, and start­ed to gain ground when NASA need­ed to fig­ure out a way to pro­tect their space vehi­cles when reen­ter­ing the Earth’s atmos­phere. Sci­en­tists found the process of coat­ing the craft with high tem­per­a­ture met­als or ceram­ics made the vehi­cle more heat resis­tant dur­ing the reen­try process. As the new indus­tri­al rev­o­lu­tion brought robot­ics to the fore­front of man­u­fac­tur­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ers real­ized that robot­ic ther­mal spray was a more effi­cient coat­ing process, and began to auto­mate this impor­tant application.

Ther­mal spray robots do not only work for NASA though. The ther­mal spray robot­ic process can be applied to many prod­ucts that need to be pro­tect­ed from cor­ro­sion and can ben­e­fit from being heat resis­tant. The aero­space indus­try as a whole uses the ther­mal spray process for many of their vehi­cles, and the abil­i­ty to auto­mate that process with robots has saved time and money.

Accord­ing to an arti­cle by ABB Robot­ics, before robot­ic ther­mal spray came on the scene, the process was labor inten­sive. Once the demand for ther­mal spray prod­ucts began to increase, it was only nat­ur­al that robots began to take over to speed up the process and keep up with the demand. Because of the high tem­per­a­tures and the risk to the oper­a­tor, automat­ing with robot­ic ther­mal spray sys­tems is also a way for man­u­fac­tur­ers to improve the safe­ty of their process.

Over­all, ther­mal spray robots are a win-win for the aero­space indus­try. They pro­vide a con­sis­tent, effi­cient way to coat their vehi­cles in a way that improves safe­ty and also saves mon­ey for the company.

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