ROBOGUIDE: Fanuc’s answer to robotic workcell simulation

Roboguide is a simulation software that is designed to help increase the overall productivity of a workcell. ROBOGUIDE is hooked up to a virtual controller and allows engineers to simulate different processes in real-time. This helps workers save time and money on running an actual set up or building a physical prototype.

ROBOGUIDE: Fanuc’s answer to robotic workcell simulation


During the design phase of a robotic workcell, engineers and technicians can demonstrate how the workcell will move and operate through the use of simulation software.

This software is hooked up to a virtual controller, which allows the engineers and manufacturers to simulate different processes in real-time 3D vision. This also allows for studies on the robotic cell without the setup or expense of a physical prototype.

Fanuc Robotics has designed a version of this simulation software called ROBOGUIDE. This offline simulation software has an entire family of products to emulate a robotic workcell in motion.

The ROBOGUIDE Handling PRO lets users simulate material handling processes like pick and place, packaging, order picking and other processes. By utilizing this software, manufacturers can see where a robotic workcell positioner would move a piece, and where a robot would pick up and put down a work piece, allowing the manufacturer and engineer to make tweaks and adjustments if necessary.

There are several other software options in the ROBOGUIDE line of products as well, including the PaintPRO, PalletPRO and WeldPRO options. Each of these software choices are similar to the Handling PRO, meaning they allow the customer and the engineers see how the robot workcell will weld, palletize or paint a work piece, and adjustments can be made if necessary.

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