Robot Equipment Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your robotic system will help to extend the overall lifespan and keep things running smoothly overtime. This will also help to reduce your downtime and keep your production line online for longer.

Robot Equipment Maintenance


The use of robots have brought many benefits to manufacturers, but in order for them to continue seeing those benefits a robot equipment maintenance program must be implemented. The most common form of a robot maintenance program is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the planned maintenance of facilities and equipment, designed to eliminate unexpected breakdowns and increase the life span of robots. These programs are critical for the performance of a robot to remain reliable.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance involves expanding the life of robotic equipment through painting, lubrication, cleaning, adjusting, and minor part replacements. It uses testing, periodic inspections, and pre-planned maintenance activities in order to correct or prevent any problems that may arise. The main purpose is to keep breakdowns and decline to a minimum.

Advantages of Robotic Maintenance

Most robots breakdown as a result of wear and tear, but preventive maintenance prevents this from happening for several years.

With the prevention of breakdowns manufacturers’ productivity and quality are increased.

Costs are reduced through preservation of assets; meaning that robotic equipment lasts longer eliminating the spending of money to replace it year after year.

It also has the potential to produce greater ROI. With an increased life span, robots prove to be well worth the investment for manufacturers.

Implementing Preventive Maintenance

In order to have a successful preventive maintenance program it is important to execute a strict schedule with aggressive monitoring.

The program should focus on cleaning, lubrication, and fixing any problems found during inspections.

It is also critical to implement maintenance training among employees because warranties are limited. Having your own service personnel allows for quick repair time.

When to Implement Preventive Maintenance Plans:

These are the top reasons for implementing a preventive maintenance program. If your company has or is experiencing any of these then it may be time to start your own robotic maintenance program.

Increased automation

Production delays resulting in lost business

Decreased insurance inventories

Need for high quality products

Excessive consumption of energy

Disorganized working environment

Slow manufacturing time

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