Robot Equipment Maintenance

Aug 27, 2011

Preventative maintenance on your robotic system will help to extend the overall lifespan and keep things running smoothly overtime. This will also help to reduce your downtime and keep your production line online for longer.


The use of robots have brought many ben­e­fits to man­u­fac­tur­ers, but in order for them to con­tin­ue see­ing those ben­e­fits a robot equip­ment main­te­nance pro­gram must be imple­ment­ed. The most com­mon form of a robot main­te­nance pro­gram is pre­ven­tive main­te­nance. Pre­ven­tive main­te­nance is the planned main­te­nance of facil­i­ties and equip­ment, designed to elim­i­nate unex­pect­ed break­downs and increase the life span of robots. These pro­grams are crit­i­cal for the per­for­mance of a robot to remain reliable.

What is pre­ven­tive maintenance?

Pre­ven­tive main­te­nance involves expand­ing the life of robot­ic equip­ment through paint­ing, lubri­ca­tion, clean­ing, adjust­ing, and minor part replace­ments. It uses test­ing, peri­od­ic inspec­tions, and pre-planned main­te­nance activ­i­ties in order to cor­rect or pre­vent any prob­lems that may arise. The main pur­pose is to keep break­downs and decline to a minimum.

Advan­tages of Robot­ic Maintenance

Most robots break­down as a result of wear and tear, but pre­ven­tive main­te­nance pre­vents this from hap­pen­ing for sev­er­al years.

With the pre­ven­tion of break­downs man­u­fac­tur­ers’ pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and qual­i­ty are increased.

Costs are reduced through preser­va­tion of assets; mean­ing that robot­ic equip­ment lasts longer elim­i­nat­ing the spend­ing of mon­ey to replace it year after year.

It also has the poten­tial to pro­duce greater ROI. With an increased life span, robots prove to be well worth the invest­ment for manufacturers.

Imple­ment­ing Pre­ven­tive Maintenance

In order to have a suc­cess­ful pre­ven­tive main­te­nance pro­gram it is impor­tant to exe­cute a strict sched­ule with aggres­sive monitoring.

The pro­gram should focus on clean­ing, lubri­ca­tion, and fix­ing any prob­lems found dur­ing inspections.

It is also crit­i­cal to imple­ment main­te­nance train­ing among employ­ees because war­ranties are lim­it­ed. Hav­ing your own ser­vice per­son­nel allows for quick repair time.

When to Imple­ment Pre­ven­tive Main­te­nance Plans:

These are the top rea­sons for imple­ment­ing a pre­ven­tive main­te­nance pro­gram. If your com­pa­ny has or is expe­ri­enc­ing any of these then it may be time to start your own robot­ic main­te­nance program.

Increased automation

Pro­duc­tion delays result­ing in lost business

Decreased insur­ance inventories

Need for high qual­i­ty products

Exces­sive con­sump­tion of energy

Dis­or­ga­nized work­ing environment

Slow man­u­fac­tur­ing time

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