Robotic automation Cincinnati-style

Robotic automation is now at home in Cincinnati, bringing some unique manufacturing needs to a variety of businesses. RobotWorx is proud to offer a wide range of robots for companies and was happy to supply Cincinnati with some automated solutions.

Robotic automation Cincinnati-style


Cincinnati is home to a unique blend of culture filtering in from the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Set on the Ohio River, Cincinnati also has some unique manufacturing industries that benefit from robotic automation offered to them by RobotWorx and other robotic integrators.

Cincinnati industries realize that they don’t need to be big companies to use robotic automation. As a matter of fact, many medium and smaller companies actually benefit highly from robotics by investing in refurbished systems that run just as well as the originals coming off the manufacturing line.

The city on the river is home to plastics manufacturing industries like Performance Plastics. This Cincinnati company designs plastic goods for the food and beverage industry, the aerospace and defense industry, the medical industry and the energy industry. Robotic automation can be used in every one of those areas. Whether you are assembling a plastic piece, removing the burrs or packaging it for transportation, robots can help speed up the production of such pieces.

Tooling companies like F and M Mafco Inc, found in the Cincinnati suburb of Harrison, Ohio, can use robotic technology when they are repairing and reconditioning tools for use. Whether they need to weld a piece back together, clean rust from a tool or remove buildup, waterjet, arc welding and finishing robots may be just the ticket for all of their tooling needs.

When it comes to dispensing and injection molding, nothing performs better than a robot. That is why companies like Recto Molded Parts can trust their plastics injection molding to robotic “hands." Not only can robots dispense the hot plastic into the molds, it can also remove the finished product with a feather-like touch, reducing the damage of the product.

Cincinnati companies that are looking to automate usually turn to robotic specialists like RobotWorx for their robotic system and parts needs. The company works with customers to design the perfect robotic systems for their production lines.

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