Robotic Welders at Caterpillar Inc.

​Caterpillar Inc. is one of the biggest users of arc welding technology on the globe. ARC welding robots have helped the Caterpillar plant produce consistent and top-quality products for many years. They now have several hundred arc welding robots in their plants.

Robotic Welders at Caterpillar Inc.


Caterpillar is one of the largest users of arc welding technology worldwide. The company was immediately intrigued when robots where first introduced to arc welding. Caterpillar poured energy into researching robotic arc welding, and continue to develop advanced robotic systems today. They now have several hundred robots in operation in their plants specifically engaged in arc welding. They realized that quality, productivity, and the environment would all be positively impacted with the introduction of robots in arc welding.

Application of the Cat Welding Technology suite is recognizable on nine Caterpillar product lines. It decreases manufactured structure cost and weight and increases strength. Caterpillar engineers have designed materials to facilitate the building of structures that can withstand the most high-stress and high-impact applications. Since Caterpillar’s iron and steel fabrications are crucial to machines that build airports and dams, move tons of rock, and power ships and locomotives, it is a name the customer can trust.

Cat Welding Technologies improves performance through precise fit-up tolerances, assembly alignment, and weld-bead control. Life predictability of structures using these processes increases, while costs decrease because of the lower manufacturing cost associated with fixturing and reduced materials.

Caterpillar offers several development programs for potential future employees. The Leadership and Technical Development Program offers a Welding Engineering Track to build a foundation for future success as a part of the Caterpillar Welding Engineering community. It is a three-year program with three rotation assignments. Students are considered full-time Caterpillar employees with salary and benefits.

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