Robotics in the Lab with KLA-Tencor – Milpitas, CA

Jul 9, 2015

A robotics lab called KLA-Tencor conducts a lot of word with nanoelectronics, semiconductors, LED, data storage, and general research. They were looking for a robotic system to integrate and answered. KLA-Tencor chose an ABB IRB 120 IRC5 robot to boost their flexibility and productivity. made sure the members of the team were properly trained.


If you are look­ing for a com­pa­ny with a vast port­fo­lio in serv­ing the sci­en­tif­ic fields of nano­elec­tron­ics, semi­con­duc­tors, LED, data stor­age, and gen­er­al research, KLA-Ten­cor may be just the right fit. KLA-Ten­cor offers a vari­ety of prod­ucts, sys­tems, ser­vices, soft­ware, and exper­tise to their clients to ensure that they are get­ting the best ser­vice, while improv­ing their over­all profitability.

Recent­ly, KLA-Ten­cor, in their search for a robot for one of their labs, con­tact­ed Robots​.com to pro­vide them with a sys­tem. KLA-Ten­cor decid­ed on a new ABB IRB 120 IRC5. Robots​.com pro­vid­ed them with the sys­tem, and they were sat­is­fied with it, as well as with the train­ing they received. Robots​.com offers free train­ing at our Mar­i­on, Ohio facil­i­ty for up to three com­pa­ny team members.

Noam Sapi­ens of KLA-Ten­cor stat­ed that this was his first time pur­chas­ing an indus­tri­al robot. He stat­ed that the cost of the sys­tem was rea­son­able when com­pared to com­peti­tors, and that the robot has brought the ben­e­fits of safe­ty and speed to their appli­ca­tion. What does KLA-Ten­cor like most about their new ABB robot from Robots​.com? Flexibility.

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