Robotics in the Lab with KLA-Tencor – Milpitas, CA

A robotics lab called KLA-Tencor conducts a lot of word with nanoelectronics, semiconductors, LED, data storage, and general research. They were looking for a robotic system to integrate and RobotWorx answered. KLA-Tencor chose an ABB IRB 120 IRC5 robot to boost their flexibility and productivity. RobotWorx made sure the members of the team were properly trained.

Robotics in the Lab with KLA-Tencor – Milpitas, CA


If you are looking for a company with a vast portfolio in serving the scientific fields of nanoelectronics, semiconductors, LED, data storage, and general research, KLA-Tencor may be just the right fit. KLA-Tencor offers a variety of products, systems, services, software, and expertise to their clients to ensure that they are getting the best service, while improving their overall profitability.

Recently, KLA-Tencor, in their search for a robot for one of their labs, contacted RobotWorx to provide them with a system. KLA-Tencor decided on a new ABB IRB 120 IRC5. RobotWorx provided them with the system, and they were satisfied with it, as well as with the training they received. RobotWorx offers free training at our Marion, Ohio facility for up to three company team members.

Noam Sapiens of KLA-Tencor stated that this was his first time purchasing an industrial robot. He stated that the cost of the system was reasonable when compared to competitors, and that the robot has brought the benefits of safety and speed to their application. What does KLA-Tencor like most about their new ABB robot from RobotWorx? Flexibility.

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