Selecting End of Arm Tooling

End of Arm Tooling is also called an end effector. This part of the robot can be customized for the specific application's needs in order to boost productivity and efficiency.

Selecting End of Arm Tooling


EOA Tooling, also known as the end effector, is the robot tool center in which the part at the end of a robotic arm interacts with the environment. End of arm tooling devices vary by applications and are an essential component of a robot. Selecting EOA parts can be one of the most difficult aspects of automation but can be made easier when understanding your end-users needs.

Power Sources

The first step in choosing EOA parts is to select a power source. EOATs may run either electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically.

Pneumatic power sources are popular among the packaging industry because of their weight to power ratio. They are readily available and are capable of applying powerful forces at great speeds. They are most effecitve for generating force and motion simultaneously. Pneumatic sources do have some draw backs as they can lack control and flexibility.

Hydraulic EOAT power sources produce strong clamping forces and act quickly. However this power source is expensive due to the large compressors needed to run the fluid in it.

Electronic power sources are popular for applications requiring moderate force at a high speed. It is also the cleanest power source making it ideal for handling dust sensitive products and offers a greater range of control.

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End of Arm Tooling Types

After selecting a power source the next step is to decide what device will be the best end effector for your application. Some popular options include:

Adaptive Grippers- These work well with packaging and handling consumer goods because they can automatically adjust according to product type. They are also ideal for handling parts with holes that cannot easily be manipulated by vacuum grippers.

Parallel EOATs- These are perfect for welding applications involving well defined objects, such as boxes.

Vacuum EOATs- These are the most popular and most cost effective form of EOA tooling as they can handle most parts and surfaces. They are ideal for handling products that require a light touch. Vacuum grips are much strong than they appear while offering flexibility as air pressure may be adjusted to reach your desired force.

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