Setting up an efficient shop floor with robots

If you are considering integrating with industrial robots on your production line, it will help to plan your workspace properly for the greatest efficiency. Shop floor efficiency will be increased based on the five elements that are listed. This thoughtful layout will help you stay competitive in the manufacturing world.

Setting up an efficient shop floor with robots


Five elements contribute to increased shop floor efficiency. As efficiency increases, manufacturers are able to compete with low-cost producers. Cutting-edge automation systems are the solution manufacturers are turning to.

The first element is robot milling techniques. Robots are precise and accurate, which means that robotic milling is well suited for robotic rapid prototyping applications. It is also useful for machining softer materials, like aluminum. Because a robotic arm costs significantly less than a full machine tool, machining with robots increases cost-effectiveness.

As robotic technology progresses, six-axis robots are becoming faster. They offer greater speed and payload capacities for applications like material handling, packaging, and testing. KUKA offers low-cost, shelf-mounted robots that open up factory floor space while increasing efficiency.

The third element is the incorporation of vision-based systems. Vision-based robots are important because of the range of new applications they make possible. Users can develop and deploy vision and guidance applications with greater ease and speed than ever before.

The latest automation software also contributes to increased shop floor efficiency. The latest software can track factory systems and manufacturers’ equipment effectiveness. Fanuc’s Machine Tool Efficiency Shop Floor Intelligence Software solution allows manufacturers to gather real-time availability, performance and quality data from machine tools. This enables them to evaluate shop-floor performance.

Finally, shop floor efficiency is increased by the latest conveyor systems for assembly and material handling applications. Conveyors are used in many industries: medical, communications, electronics, and automotive, as well as increasingly in machine tools.

Shop floor scheduling in a robotic environment is also crucial to success. Management and task scheduling are also vital for companies that want to improve their processes, increase efficiency, reduce production time, and capitalize on their investment.

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