Sheet Metal Fabrication in Indianapolis, Indiana

There are two companies in Indianapolis, Indiana that are benefiting from the automation of sheet metal fabrication. These companies are see better product quality, a faster production line, and safer environment for applications such as laser cutting, forming, press tending, loading, unloading, and power coating.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Indianapolis, Indiana


Indianapolis, Indiana has an interesting history. It was not a village started by settlers, which was the common way to start a city in the 1800s. Instead, Indianapolis got its start through the proclamation of statehood for Indiana – basically named after Indiana, with “polis” added, which is the Greek word for “city.”

The city’s manufacturing history is just as interesting as its origin. While it was once the top city in the automobile industry in the early 1900s, the city saw a decline in manufacturing and an increase in service and technology oriented jobs. However, there are still manufacturers standing strong in Indianapolis today, and those companies can use robotics to increase their profits and their competitiveness in the market.

Two companies in Indianapolis that can benefit highly from robotic automation are two of the names in sheet metal fabrication in the area – Estes Design & Manufacturing and Lauck Manufacturing. Both of these companies can use robotics for a myriad of processes, including welding, laser cutting, forming, press tending, loading and unloading, and powder coating. With robotic systems for these different processes, parts are made quicker and more efficiently. The quality is also increased by using robots.

Sheet metal fabrication companies can also improve their company with robotics through the flexibility that robots can bring to their line. When investing in robots, manufacturers will find that some robots can weld and cut materials, some can perform several material handling and material removal processes, and some can weld, remove material and handle material. By bringing this kind of versatility into a facility, the cost on equipment is slashed and profits can increase.

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