Six-axis friction welding robots – a riveting alternative

For alternate riveting solution, consider industrial six-axis welding robots. Industrial welding robots can weld various thicknesses with excellent seam quality. Industries that have already converted to automation have seen a 20% decrease in application time and cost reduction.

Six-axis friction welding robots – a riveting alternative


For years, the aerospace industry has researched ways to do away with riveting and the extra weight that it adds to an aircraft. This alternative may lie with six-axis friction welding robots that can weld various thicknesses with good seam quality.

According to an article from SAE International, by using six-axis friction robotic welders, as opposed to automated riveters, the aerospace industry can expect a 20 percent decrease in application time, as well as a decrease in costs.

Granted, even with machine friction welding, manufacturers do have a choice between a friction welding machine and a robot friction welder with six axes. However, in the case of the aerospace industry, and their more complex part curvatures, the six-axis friction robotic welding system may be the only way to go.

The six-axis friction welding robot can produce all the force needed to complete the application. The robot also has maximum flexibility over other options, with the capability to weld seams on three dimensional objects. This means that the robot’s six degrees of freedom allow it to freely weld more than just linear welds. It can also weld the curvatures of fuselages and other aircraft parts that are more complex in shape and size.

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