Small Robots Offering More Options for Big Jobs

Robotic technology is advancing at a very fast rate and enabling small businesses to afford small robots. Small robots are able to provide a very effective manufacturing environment with their high speeds, short cycle times, and energy supply system.

Small Robots Offering More Options for Big Jobs


Robots don’t have to be massive to be productive. Small robots are finding their niche in the manufacturing market.

KUKA proves small robots are very effective in the manufacturing world by presenting the KR AGILUS series, a comprehensive small robot family. The series of robots have five or six axes, high speeds, short cycle times, and an integrated energy supply system. The KR AGILUS series introduced the Safe Robot functionality, which simplifies the cooperation of humans and machines with new automation concepts.

The Motoman SV3 is a compact 6-axis industrial robot, used in small part applications such as welding and assembly. The SV3X robot arm features a 677 mm reach and the widest work envelope in its class. Small grippers can be attached to the wrist to perform material handling and pick and place applications. This compact model has a small footprint and can be mounted on a table or track.

The Fanuc LR Mate 200iB mini-robots are versatile and used for many applications like assembly, material handling, and industrial washing. The robots can adapt to a variety of working environments like machine shops and food manufacturing. The 200iB has five models that can handle high payloads while fitting into tight spots. Their small bases and wrists are designed for precision and speed. While the arm is smaller, the wrist movement has increased by 33% and additional braking options on all axes provide enhanced motion control.

Other small robots will soon capture our attention, like hovering robots the size of flies, nanorobots that might be programmed to destruct cancer cells, and snake-like rovers. Bigger isn’t always better, as these small robots prove.

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