Smoother Spot Welding With Robot Automation

Industrial robots knew that they could help improve efficiency on spot welding lines. Industrial spot welding robots help to increase the application speeds and smooth the process out. Spot welding robots produce incredibly accurate, precise and consistent welds each and every time.

Smoother Spot Welding With Robot Automation

Spot welding is one of the oldest forms of robotic welding. It was designed in the 1960s for use in the automotive industry, and this form of welding has been going strong ever since. The need for spot welding robots in the industrial industry is driven because of the weight and awkward nature of the manual spot welding gun. By using a robot, instead of a human welder, the application is much faster and smoother than ever before.

Robotic spot welders are very common in the automotive and other transportation industries. However, the process of spot welding is tedious. Manual workers have to check their position after every weld to make sure they are in the right spot. Robot spot welders do not have this issue. They move down their seam welding in a perfectly straight line, without needing to waste the extra time to check after every weld. This speeds up the welding process, as well as making it more accurate.

Because of the size of the welding gun, a manual spot welder can also be subjected to injuries caused by years of bending over during the welding process. Once again, this not an issue for a spot welding robot. While a spot welding robotic system will need to be maintained, manufacturers do not run the risk of injuries that could slow down or stop the production line, which can be the case with manual welding processes.

All in all, spot welding is a job that should be left up to robots. This tedious form of welding is best served by these fast and highly accurate machines that improve the quality of work pieces and products.

There are plenty of robot brands and models capable of spot welding applications. RobotWorx has a wide selection of both new and used robots that can be completely integrated into a spot welding position in a production line. With over 25 years of experience, and special expertise in welding applications, we have the knowledge to provide you the best robot solution.

If you're interested in spot welding automation, contact us today for a quick price quote. We take pride in our ability to provide high quality robot systems with quicker delivery times, along with our customer-first focus. Our ability to integrate new and used robots gives our customers more affordable options to choose from. All used robots, to include used spot welders, are put through an intense reconditioning process.

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