Speed, Accuracy and Safety – the advantages of welding cells

Automated welding cells offer companies many advantages, but there are three big ones that stick out, speed, accuracy, and safety. Robotic welders are faster than manual welders and can produce greater accuracy, resulting in superior welds. Safety also increases when a welding robot is integrated onto the production line as it reduces the exposure to an unsafe work environment.

Speed, Accuracy and Safety – the advantages of welding cells


Several industries utilize automated welding, and many of them use welding cells to further integrate their welding system. These robotic welding cells have many advantages. However, three advantages stand out over the others – speed, accuracy and safety.

The speed of robot weld cells is a given. Robotic welders are faster than manual applications whether integrated on a line or in a cell. And by further combining processes, and streamlining production for a robotic weld cell, the speed of production will only increase.

Increased accuracy is what keeps companies ahead of the competition. Superior welds and precision produces a better product, and a better product increases revenue for the company. Manufacturers can enhance their accuracy through the installation of a robot weld cell. The robotic welders have a steadier hand than manual applications.

Safety is a huge issue in manufacturing today. Because of the tedious, and sometimes injury-inducing, work on a production line, manufacturers must give workers breaks and lunches during the work day, along with days off. This level of downtime decreases the productivity of the line while increasing safety by ensuring that workers are fully rested. Robots, including those within welding cells, do not need the rest allotted to human workers. These robots could, in theory, run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without a break.

Another safety measure in robotic welding cells is that the cells close off human workers from crossing into the work area of the robot during operation. Usually there are safety light curtains, pressure mats, safety fencing and interlocking doors available to keep workers at a safe distance while the robot is performing their application within the welding cell.

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