Speed without Error – KUKA Vision Robots

KUKA vision robots help to bring greater error proofing solutions to production lines. Vision robots can work faster and more accurately than robots without. Their mounted cameras can see the part that is being manipulated and then ensure the process is happening precisely as needed. The KUKA vision robots can be programmed to perform precise movements to ensure that everything is being done correctly.

Speed without Error – KUKA Vision Robots


KUKA has been offering welding and other industrial processes to companies for more than 100 years. However, in the last few decades, KUKA has partially turned its attention to robotics, establishing KUKA Robotics, a wing of the company dedicated to industrial automation. In recent years, KUKA has made their faster, while also error-proofing them by adding the vision feature to their robots and work cells.

Vision robots are able to work faster and even more accurately than their counterparts without vision. KUKA installs vision cameras onto the robot arm that allows the robot to “see” the parts that it is manipulating. This is helpful when KUKA robots are sorting or performing some other material handling function. The KUKA vision robotic system is programmed with an algorithm that tells it what parts to interact with and what parts to not interact with. If the robot does not recognize the part, it does not perform the programmed application.

Not only does this allow robots to perform at faster speeds than ever before, it also cuts down on worker errors that can sometimes be numerous in lengthy, dull material handling positions. KUKA robotic vision systems ensure that the right parts get to all the right places, without having to worry about making mistakes or sending parts to the wrong place. This saves the company money by cutting out mistakes before they are made, and also improves the company’s reputation and profit.

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