Speeding Up Welding with the Motoman SSA2000

The Motoman SSA2000 brings manufacturers amazing precision and speeds. This motomab robot is engineered to be a high-speed arc welding option for manfuacturers by reducing cycle times, cutting down on programming time, and increasing the quality of welds. The SSA-2000 can work continuously without interruption and also decrease errors.

Speeding Up Welding with the Motoman SSA2000

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Speed is one of the biggest factors that manufacturers consider when they are looking to purchase welding automationsystems. That is why many turn to the Motoman SSA2000 welding robot. This robot is engineered to be a high-speed arc welding option for manufacturers with benefits like reducing cycle times, performing high quality welds, and cutting down on programming time.

The Motoman SSA2000 is definitely the robot you want if you are looking for speed. This robot can perform the work of four human workers in a fraction of the time. While workers need to check their welding placement throughout the welding process, this robot can continuously weld without interruption or error, reducing cycle times significantly. By reducing cycle times, manufacturers can grow their companies by taking on more orders and putting in more automated production lines.

However, despite the speed of the SSA2000 from Motoman, the weld quality is not sacrificed. The robot is able to perform high quality welds that are strong and continuous, as mentioned above. This is because it has a sturdy arc, optimum torch position, and an even bending radius, according to Motoman. This allows the robot to consistently weld with a high level of quality, producing welds that are less likely to snap or degrade easily.

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