Squeaky cleanroom robots

​Cleanroom robots are used in labs and the electronics fields. As the parts get smaller, the cleanroom robots are able to use their gentle gripper and pick up with extreme precision and gentle care. The cleanroom robots also run clean, there are dust-free robotic parts, belts, etc that do not emit a lot of dust. There are a lot of hoops that a robot has to jump through before it can be classified as a clea

Squeaky cleanroom robots


There are a lot of hoops that a robot has to jump through before it can be classified as a cleanroom robot. These robots have to be able to run in a “clean” manner, as well as not kick up any static electricity that could negatively affect the product being manufactured.

Cleanroom robots are used in labs, but they are also becoming common in the electronics field. As technology gets smaller and smaller, so do the parts. And as these parts become more delicate, it makes more sense for manufacturers to switch to the gentle gripper of a cleanroom robot, as opposed to the hand of a manual application.

But, what does it take to be a cleanroom robot in the electronics industry? Well, the first thing is that you have to run clean. For a cleanroom robotic system to run clean, it first has to be designed with dust-free robotic parts, belts, etc. that do not emit a lot of dust and other particles during operation. And it must have internal vacuums that whisk away all the particles that are still emitted by the machine.

When manufacturing these sensitive microelectronics, manufacturers cannot be too careful. Even the coating on the cleanroom robot has to be specialized to not attract contaminants. Any contamination of the product could cost the company money and downtime as production shuts down to investigate the contamination source.

Another issue that cleanroom robotic systems must face is the possibility of electrostatic discharge. The robots must be specially sealed and grounded to prevent the buildup of static electricity during operation. The robots also have to be made with special materials that are nonconductive to an electrostatic charge. These charges can ruin computer parts, cellphone parts and other electronics.

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