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Motoman Cleanroom Robots

Motoman cleanroom robots are designed to eliminate dust and be environmentally clean. Models in the Motoman cleanroom robot line perform tasks in controlled, clean environments, such as medical labs. The CR45, a model in the Motoman cleanroom line, is the first robot to combine cleanroom capabilities and  the ability to handle a 45kg payload. The model is Class 1000 clean approved to work in sterile environments and improve a company's production. If you'd like to know more about this Motoman cleanroom robot, or others in the Motoman line, call our sales team members today.


Reach: 2650mm Payload: 130kg

Reach: 1658mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 694mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 1787mm Payload: 45kg

Reach: 2046mm Payload: 50kg

Reach: 1555mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 532mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 677mm Payload: 3kg