Starting It Off - Spherical Robots


Of the many robots on the market today, there are three that are most common – articulated, Cartesian and SCARA robots. However, there are other types of robots that have been around for decades, like the spherical robot, the one that started the whole industrial robot revolution.

Spherical robots, also known as polar robots, are similar to cylindrical robots, but instead of having one rotary joint and two linear joints, they have two rotary joints and one linear joint. These robots can be used in some of the most basic robotic applications like paintingwelding, and assembly.

You won’t find these on the market as much today as they once were. However, the spherical robot, as mentioned above, is the one that started it all. Without spherical robotic technology, we would have never had the Unimate, the first industrial robot produced in the 1960s. This robot cleared the way for other technologies, like six-axis robots. Though it only had three axes, spherical robotic systems like the Unimate were able to significantly speed up production enough for manufacturers took notice. The industrial robot revolution started and manufacturers never looked back.

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