Stepping Up the Safety with ABB Grinding Robots

Grinding robots by ABB can help increase the worker safety and reduce the injuries on the production line. They take over the dangerous and tedious work, reducing the amount of exposure of toxins to the human workers. ABB Grinding robots are also able to increase the accuracy and productivity.

Stepping Up the Safety with ABB Grinding Robots


Grinding has been around for many years. Hand grinding was the first typical way that manufacturers would grind parts. However, because there was no way to be completely accurate with this process, parts were not uniform, and it considerably slowed down the production process. When grinding with robots, like those from ABB Robotics, came on the scene, it was a way to improve the grinding process, while also cutting down on the injuries.

One of the worst things about the hand grinding process is the lack of safety that is present during operation. Workers can easily get their hands, legs, or arms burned or cut with a hand grinder, and that doesn’t even take into account the hundreds of thousands of microscopic metal, plastic, or wood shards that are launched into the airways of workers, as well was working their way into workers clothing, during the grinding process. It is not a safe manual system at all.

So, what can you do to cut down on injuries and health problems, while also improving the grinding process? Invest in a robotic grinder from ABB. ABB robotic grinders take the place of workers with hand grinders, and the grinding robots are not susceptible to any of the injuries or medical conditions that could plague the human body. When you invest in a robotic grinding system from ABB Robotics, you are getting a top of the line, durable system that will give you a way to improve the health of your workers, while also speeding up your grinding process and making it more accurate.

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