The Advantages of Flux Cored Welding Robots

Flux cored welding (FCAW) is a welding process that uses a consumable flux electrode that is continuously fed. Integrating this type of welding robot onto your production line will provide you with many advantages. One of the advantages is the ability to be all-position capable.

The Advantages of Flux Cored Welding Robots


Flux cored welding, also known as flux cored arc welding or FCAW, is a type of welding where a consumable electrode is fed continuously during the welding process. This electrode contains flux, hence the name of the welding process. Flux cored welding robots have many advantages over other types of welding applications, as well as having advantages over manual flux cored welding processes.

One of the biggest advantages that a flux cored welding robot has over other welding processes, as well as over their human welder counterparts, is the ability to be all-position capable. There are some welding processes that are not capable of welding in any position, but with the right filler metal, a flux cored welding robotic system has this capability. Also, robotic flux cored welders have an easier time fitting into tight spaces and welding odd angles than a manual welding process may have.

A flux cored arc welding robot is able to weld several different types of metal, including some low and mild alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, etc. This makes a robotic flux cored welder versatile enough to work in several different industries. These welders also do not require shielding gas, which saves money for the manufacturer. Like many other robotic systems, flux cored arc welder robots will also speed up the welding application and improve the accuracy, which further improves the finished product.

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