The “Bang Bang” of Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatic grippers are one of the most widely grippers used in automation today. There are a wide range of pneumatic gripper options, all of them help to manipulate work pieces during parts of the manufacturing process. Pneumatic grippers help to move objects and parts on the production line in a gentle and effective fashion, increasing the overall production line's effectiveness.

The “Bang Bang” of Pneumatic Grippers


A robotic gripper, probably one of the most important parts of an industrial robot, manipulates work pieces during certain parts of the manufacturing process. There are several different types of grippers. One model, the pneumatic gripper, is a set of metal jaws that come together and pick up objects. They are called “bang bang” grippers because of the sound that is made when their jaws lock around something.

Pneumatic grippers are one of the most widely used grippers in manufacturing. The gripper operates on a cylinder run by compressed air. When the air is supplied, the gripper jaws will close on an object, making it possible for the robot arm to move the piece.

These grippers have two types of gripping action: external gripping and internal gripping. External gripping, a popular method for holding objects, is simplistic. The grippers close, and the force of the jaws holds the item in place. Internal gripping is used when the object needs to be held from the center. The opening force of the gripper holds the object securely in place.

There are also two different types of pneumatic robot grippers – the parallel gripper and the angular gripper. The parallel gripper moves open and shut horizontally, while the angular gripper opens and closes vertically. If necessary, manufacturers can also use three-jaw or toggle-style grippers, depending on the material being handled.

When choosing a pneumatic gripper, manufacturers need to take many factors into consideration that could help or hinder the application. They need to consider the part shape, weight and accessibility. Also, they need to consider the environment the gripper will be working in and the amount of time the item needs to be held. Once all these variables are considered, consumers can make an informed decision on what type of pneumatic gripper to invest in.

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