The Efficiency of Motoman Arc Welding Robots

Motman Arc welding robots can last around 10-20 years when they are properly maintained. The reach, versatility, and efficiency of Motoman arc welding robots allow them to weld in places many other cannot. All it takes is a simple dress package to perform a different job on your production line, such as material handling, dispensing, or material removal.

The Efficiency of Motoman Arc Welding Robots


Motoman Robotics has been producing effective arc welding robots for many years, and many of these robots are able to last upwards of 10-20 years, as long as the manufacturer ensures the robot is properly maintained. Motoman arc welding robots are some of the most efficient robots on the welding robot market today. Their reach and versatility allows them to weld in places many other robots cannot.

Motoman was one of the first companies to produce a 7-axis welding robot arm, which improved the versatility of its welding exponentially. Unlike other welding robots that only have six axes, this robotic welder is able to use its “elbow” axis to reach around tall parts and into more boxy areas, according to Motoman Robotics.

However, even if you are looking at a six-axis welding robot from Motoman, you are still going to find efficiency and versatility. Many robotic arc welders from Motoman are able to perform more than just welding applications. With the change of a dress package, these robots are able to perform material handling, dispensing and material removal applications as well, which can really cut down on the need for extra equipment in your work area.

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