The Fanuc M-410iB Series

Fanuc is known for their industry-leading robots that are providing production lines with amazing solutions across the globe. So it is no surprise that they have created another fantastic robot series, the Fanuc M-410iB robot. These robots are perfect for medium to heavy payloads and help to optimize work space and make integration a breeze. The robots in the M410iB series are palletizing robots with 5-axes of freedom to help move extremely fast with excellent repeatability.

The Fanuc M-410iB Series

Fanuc M-410iB Robot Series

Fanuc built the world’s very first dedicated palletizing robot and, so it is no surprise that they continue to produce terrific robots as seen with the M-410iB series. Ideal for medium to heavy payloads, these robots were designed with an optimized work space by integrating the base and controller in the pedestal. This not only helps to save floor space but also eases the transport and installation process when necessary.

The 5-axis palletizing robots in this series are all extremely fast, versatile, maintain excellent repeatability, and will conqueror a wide range of jobs within the application. They all have hollow wrist designs to reduce cable interference and simplify installation. Capable of handling payloads from 140-700 payloads; it is boxes, bags, or slabs of concrete, the models in the M410iB series are ready to tackle your palletizing needs.

  • The Fanuc M-410iB/140H can conduct many cycles per hour and palletize with quick moves and fast acceleration. This redesigned arm is now more compact and suitable for areas with low ceilings but still can produce a large work area, handling high volumes and able to serve multiple lines.
  • One of the latest-generation palletizing robots is the Fanuc M-410iB/160 that has one of the fastest cycle times in its class. With a 160kg payload, it was designed to produce high-quality work with its precision and high-speed performance and various software options available.
  • Fanuc's M-410iB/300 provides production lines with an automated solution to heavy palletizing tasks with its 300-kilogram maximum payload capacity.
  • The final two palletizing robots are the heavy duty ones; the Fanuc M410iB/450 and the Fanuc M-410iB/700. Both can handle super payloads, with 450 kg and 700kg respectively. Both of these have enough power to hoist large objects with a gripper higher and faster than the other models.

RobotWorx offers both new and used robots in this series and the RobotWorx Value Package with any purchase. The years of experience that Fanuc holds in end of line automation will ensure that your production line needs are not only met but surpassed. RobotWorx is proud to be a certified integrator for Fanuc and will listen to your specific needs to find the perfect robot arm for your line. To get a palletizing robot from this series, contact RobotWorx experts today online or at 877-762-6881.