The Fanuc M-410iB Series

Nov 20, 2017

Fanuc is known for their industry-leading robots that are providing production lines with amazing solutions across the globe. So it is no surprise that they have created another fantastic robot series, the Fanuc M-410iB robot. These robots are perfect for medium to heavy payloads and help to optimize work space and make integration a breeze. The robots in the M410iB series are palletizing robots with 5-axes of freedom to help move extremely fast with excellent repeatability.

Fanuc M-410iB Robot Series

Fanuc built the world’s very first ded­i­cat­ed pal­letiz­ing robot, so it is no sur­prise that they con­tin­ue to pro­duce ter­rif­ic robots as seen with the M‑410iB series. Ide­al for medi­um to heavy pay­loads, these robots were designed with an opti­mized work­space by inte­grat­ing the base and con­troller in the pedestal. This not only helps to save floor space but also eas­es the trans­port and instal­la­tion process when necessary.

The 5‑axis pal­letiz­ing robots in this series are all extreme­ly fast, ver­sa­tile, main­tain excel­lent repeata­bil­i­ty, and will con­quer a wide range of jobs with­in the appli­ca­tion. They all have hol­low wrist designs to reduce cable inter­fer­ence and sim­pli­fy instal­la­tion. Capa­ble of han­dling pay­loads from 140 – 700 pay­loads; it is box­es, bags, or slabs of con­crete, the mod­els in the M410iB series are ready to tack­le your pal­letiz­ing needs.

  • The Fanuc M‑410iB/​140H can con­duct many cycles per hour and pal­letize with quick moves and fast accel­er­a­tion. This redesigned arm is now more com­pact and suit­able for areas with low ceil­ings but still can pro­duce a large work area, han­dling high vol­umes and able to serve mul­ti­ple lines.
  • One of the lat­est-gen­er­a­tion pal­letiz­ing robots is the Fanuc M‑410iB/​160 which has one of the fastest cycle times in its class. With a 160kg pay­load, it was designed to pro­duce high-qual­i­ty work with its pre­ci­sion and high-speed per­for­mance and var­i­ous soft­ware options available.
  • Fanuc’s M‑410iB/​300 pro­vides pro­duc­tion lines with an auto­mat­ed solu­tion to heavy pal­letiz­ing tasks with its 300-kilo­gram max­i­mum pay­load capacity.
  • The final two pal­letiz­ing robots are the heavy-duty ones; the Fanuc M410iB/​450 and the Fanuc M‑410iB/​700. Both can han­dle super pay­loads, with 450 kg and 700kg respec­tive­ly. Both of these have enough pow­er to hoist large objects with a grip­per high­er and faster than the oth­er models. 

Robots​.com offers both new and refur­bished robots in this series. The years of expe­ri­ence that Fanuc holds in end-of-line automa­tion will ensure that your pro­duc­tion line needs are not only met but sur­passed. Robots​.com is proud to be a cer­ti­fied inte­gra­tor for Fanuc and will lis­ten to your spe­cif­ic needs to find the per­fect robot arm for your line. To get a pal­letiz­ing robot from this series, con­tact Robots​.com experts today online or at 8777626881.

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