The Fanuc M-900iA/400L- The Perfect Robot for Heavy Duty Jobs

Jul 2, 2016

The Fanuc M-900iA/400L is a long reach and strong robot that will be perfect for heavy duty jobs. The M-900iA/400L can tackle large parts with ease and great speeds. It is the perfect solution for their robust and rugged job, bringing you decreased maintenance and improve the overall productivity.

Fanuc M900iA 400L Robot

The Fanuc M‑900iA/​400L is a long reach, heavy duty robot that can tack­le large parts very eas­i­ly with the robust wrist, rugged arm, and high iner­tia mode soft­ware. It is a floor mount­ed robot, ide­al for heavy mate­r­i­al han­dling appli­ca­tions as it can han­dle up to 400kg! The M‑900iA/​400L is designed to be robust and rugged, which min­i­mizes spare part require­ments, helps to reduce down time, and also increas­es the aver­age time between failure.

Addi­tion­al­ly, the sta­tion­ary out­er arm sim­pli­fies hose and cable dress out while also decreas­ing main­te­nance costs and increas­ing the over­all robot ser­vice life. Inter­fer­ence is not an issue with sys­tem periph­er­als as the arm and wrist assem­blies are slim enabling the M‑900iA/​400L to work in tight and con­fined spaces. It’s IP67 rat­ed wrist is reli­able and designed to per­form in even the harsh­est envi­ron­ments. The M‑900iA/​400L robot is paired with the R‑30iA controller. 

The Fanuc M‑900iA/​400L is a part of the M‑900iA series. This series includes numer­ous oth­er options that will help increase the val­ue and decrease the main­te­nance of your next automa­tion project. If the Fanuc M‑900iA/​400L isn’t the per­fect robot for you, check out these oth­er ter­rif­ic robots:

  • The Fanuc M‑900iA/​150P is a gantry robot that can han­dle up to 150kg, and can be mount­ed on the floor, upside down, or at an angle. 
  • The Fanuc M‑900iA/​200P is a long reach (+/- 3507mm), gantry ver­sion that is rack/​pedestal mount­ed, and can han­dle up to 200kg payload. 
  • The Fanuc M‑900iA/​350 has a stan­dard reach (+/-2650mm), 350kg pay­load, and can be mount­ed on the floor, ceil­ing, or angle; a ceil­ing mount­ing is avail­able as an option.
  • The Fanuc M‑900iA/​260L has a long reach, 260kg pay­load, and can be mount­ed on the floor, ceil­ing, or angle with a ceil­ing mount­ing as an option.
  • The Fanuc M‑900iA/​600 has a stan­dard reach, 600 kg (with a 700 kg option) pay­load, and can be floor mount­ed. M‑900iA/​200P has a long reach, 200 kg pay­load, and can be rack mounted.

This entire robot fam­i­ly includes automa­tion solu­tions that are engi­neered for pre­cise, very high payload/​high speed oper­a­tion, user-friend­ly set­up, and max­i­mum reli­a­bil­i­ty. Each robot has six axes, is elec­tric ser­vo-dri­ven, and has IP67 wrists and wrist moments and iner­tia that are best in class.” The elec­tric ser­vo dri­ves were specif­i­cal­ly cho­sen for these robots as they are proven to pro­vide the high­est up-time and productivity. 

All of these robots, have an option­al enhanced severe dust and liq­uid pro­tec­tion pack­age with two-part epoxy paint for harsh envi­ron­ments. Also, a built in cam­era for iRVi­sion can be added as anoth­er option in order to fur­ther help error-proof­ing and aid with vision guidance.

How­ev­er, if you are look­ing for a reli­able, robust robot to seam­less­ly tack­le your next heavy duty job, then the Fanuc M 900iA/​400L is exact­ly what you need! 

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