The FANUC M-900iA/400L- The Perfect Robot for Heavy Duty Jobs

The FANUC M-900iA/400L is a long reach and strong robot that will be perfect for heavy duty jobs. The M-900iA/400L can tackle large parts with ease and great speeds. It is the perfect solution for their robust and rugged job, bringing you decreased maintenance and improve the overall productivity.

The FANUC M-900iA/400L- The Perfect Robot for Heavy Duty Jobs

FANUC M900iA 400L Robot

The FANUC M-900iA/400L is a long reach, heavy duty robot that can tackle large parts very easily with the robust wrist, rugged arm, and high inertia mode software. It is a floor mounted robot, ideal for heavy material handling applications as it can handle up to 400kg! The M-900iA/400L is designed to be robust and rugged, which minimizes spare part requirements, helps to reduce down time, and also increases the average time between failure.

Additionally, the stationary outer arm simplifies hose and cable dress out while also decreasing maintenance costs and increasing the overall robot service life. Interference is not an issue with system peripherals as the arm and wrist assemblies are slim enabling the M-900iA/400L to work in tight and confined spaces. It’s IP67 rated wrist is reliable and designed to perform in even the harshest environments. The M-900iA/400L robot is paired with the R-30iA controller.

The FANUC M-900iA/400L is a part of the M-900iA series. This series includes numerous other options that will help increase the value and decrease the maintenance of your next automation project. If the FANUC M-900iA/400L isn’t the perfect robot for you, check out these other terrific robots:

  • The FANUC M-900iA/150P is a gantry robot that can handle up to 150kg, and can be mounted on the floor, upside down, or at an angle.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/200P is a long reach (+/- 3507mm), gantry version that is rack/pedestal mounted, and can handle up to 200kg payload.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/350 has a standard reach (+/-2650mm), 350kg payload, and can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or angle; a ceiling mounting is available as an option.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/260L has a long reach, 260kg payload, and can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or angle with a ceiling mounting as an option.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/600 has a standard reach, 600 kg (with a 700 kg option) payload, and can be floor mounted. M-900iA/200P has a long reach, 200 kg payload, and can be rack mounted.

This entire robot family includes automation solutions that are engineered for precise, very high payload/high speed operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. Each robot has six axes, is electric servo-driven, and has IP67 wrists and wrist moments and inertia that are “best in class.” The electric servo drives were specifically chosen for these robots as they are proven to provide the highest up-time and productivity.

All of these robots, have an optional enhanced severe dust and liquid protection package with two-part epoxy paint for harsh environments. Also, a built in camera for iRVision can be added as another option in order to further help error-proofing and aid with vision guidance.

However, if you are looking for a reliable, robust robot to seamlessly tackle your next heavy duty job, then the FANUC M 900iA/400L is exactly what you need! On every robot purchase, we offer the RobotWorx Value Package.

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