The FANUC M-900iA Series

FANUC M-900iA robot series

The rugged FANUC M-900iA robot series can tackle almost any job in the harshest of manufacturing environments. The robots are engineered for precision, high-speed/high payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability.

The M-900iA series is a six-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven family of robots with a small footprint and reduced controller size to help save your floor space. All axes have RV reducers, there are no motors at the wrist, and the cables are routed through the arm. Multiple attachment points help make integration easier and the stationary outer arm helps to simplify hose and cable dress-out, ultimately prolonging its life.

There are a variety of M-900iA robot models that are designed for a variety of manufacturing and systems processes, such as material handling, machine loading, machine unloading, heavy duty spot welding, large sheet or panel handling, glass handling, casting operations, and material removal applications. Check out all of the models below.

  • The FANUC M-900iA/150P is a great press tending and part transfer robot that can handle a payload up to 150 kg. The wrist and J3 arm have an IP Rating of IP67, while the body has an IP Rating of IP54.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/200P is rack mounted and can handle up to 200 kg for its payload. It is a long reach version of the 900iA series with a 3,507 mm reach.
  •  The FANUC M-900iA/260L has an even greater horizontal reach at 3,100 mm allowing it to effectively process larger parts.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/350 is the ideal choice for your heavy payloads up to 350 kg! IT is named "best in class" for its wrist moments and inertia.
  • The FANUC M-900iA/400L is a heavy duty, long reach, floor mounted industrial robot that is ideal for heavy material handling applications. It can handle up to 400kg with a 3,625 mm reach!
  • The heavy-duty FANUC M-900iA/600 is your big workhorse, ready to tackle payloads up to 600 kg. If necessary, there is an optional 700kg payload wrist. Car chassis and other heavy parts can be lifted and manipulated with the M900iA/600 RJ3iB.

It is easy to see how the M-900iA robot series will bring countless benefits to your production line. RobotWorx is proud to be a certified integrator for FANUC robots. We offer new and used robots; all of our refurbished models go through a very intense reconditioning process. Whether you buy a new or used FANUC M 900iA robot arm, it is sure to add to a lean manufacturing environment. 

Contact RobotWorx representatives today to get started with integration.  Our representatives can be reached at 740-251-4312 or you can connect with them online.

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