The Fanuc M1iA/0.5SL Robot

Sep 30, 2014

The Fanuc M-1iA/0.5SL has tailor made grippers to tackle your specific production needs. Furthermore, the M-1iA/0.5SL has a long reach to help accomplish your task with greater efficiency and accuracy. If you are interested in integrating a M1iA/0.5SL robot on your production line, contact experts today.


Fanuc Robot­ics has done it once again! Fanuc’s series of Spi­der robots how includes a new mod­el, the M‑1iA/0.5SL robot. This robot is sim­i­lar to the oth­er M‑1iA robots, but it does have some advan­tages over oth­er sim­i­lar robots, includ­ing an increased reach.

The Fanuc M1iA/0.5SL is a spi­der robot with a longer reach, as men­tioned above. Unlike the M‑1iA/0.5S, which has the same 0.5kg pay­load capac­i­ty and a 280mm reach, this mod­el boasts a 420mm reach – one of the longer reach­ing delta-style robots in the indus­try today. With its four axes, the M1iA‑0.5SL is great for many dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions, includ­ing assem­bly, pick­ing, pack­ag­ing and part trans­fer.

The small grip­pers on the ends of the M‑1iA/0.5 SL from Fanuc are tai­lor made for things like small parts assem­bly, espe­cial­ly in the elec­tron­ics indus­try. When you’re deal­ing with the very small com­po­nents of a cell phone, tablet or even a lap­top com­put­er, it is a lot eas­i­er to use a small parts assem­bly robot, instead of human hands. Human hands can shake and cause work­er errors that can com­plete­ly destroy the func­tion­al­i­ty of the device. This is not an issue when using a robot like the M1iA/0.5SL from Fanuc Robot­ics. Com­pa­nies are able to decrease work­er errors and increase the qual­i­ty of their prod­ucts in one fell swoop.

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